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Gary McMahan: Guestbook

Rocky Ray

September 22, 2017

Gary... I hope next time our horses smell one another I can do you proud on a few of your songs. I feel that you've written not only songs but more so anthems for cowboys of old and new. It means a lot to me that I can share these with my boy and I can only hope that he gets a little taste of the life that you and I have been blessed to have indulged. Cheers amigo. RR

Forrest Ford

April 20, 2017

First heard Beercan Bob in Jackson Hole, back in the eighties. Been a fan ever since. Good stuff!

Jan Therkildsen

January 25, 2016

I so enjoyed all of your performances during the weekend at the Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering. It was a unique experience getting to hear your songs Acapella. I wondered if maybe it was causing me to listen more closely to the words of your songs, and it didn't compromise the quality of your incredible yodeling at all. I was thinking the same thing Andy said he and Doris were saying -- "Wow, I was here when he did his Acapella show!" Thanks again for your very professional and entertaining performances all weekend!

Virginia Bennett

January 18, 2016

Reading this poem reminds me of hearing Gary recite it way back over 25 years ago. I've always loved Gary's writing and songwriting, and his presentation is as good as it gets. Watching one of Gary's shows, the audience gets several genres of entertainment: Comedy, great cowboy poetry, some of the best authentic cowboy singing and guitar-manship and oh that yodel!! I honestly feel that, if there were an All Around Cowboy Entertainer, it should go to Gary McMahan.

Daniel Black

June 25, 2015

Your music always puts me right where I want to be. Thanks!

Dennis Aufdenkamp

June 10, 2015

I memorized 5 of your poems and looking forward to more

Eldon Zigarlick

May 28, 2015


Bill Patterson

February 18, 2015

Thanks for a wonderful evening at the Olde Town Pickin' Parlor. You just sparkle and raise my spirits each time I get to enjoy you perform.

Doris Hieden

February 12, 2015

Love my CD's, shared them with friends and they loved them

Bob Christie

January 16, 2015

I've been listening to your stuff for 25+ years. Thanks for keeping me company, and entertained in the pick-up!!


October 19, 2014

Saw Ian Tyson in concert last night. Ian did a terrific job and of singing my song The Old Double Diamond. He introduced it as "Probably the most beloved cowboy song ever written." I don't know if that's true or not but it sure felt good coming from him.

Clint Bradley

May 22, 2014

Just a line to let you know that I finally got your album downloaded, and am
enjoying it as I type, a totally superb collection of songs! I’ve lost
count of how many times I’ve played it now, have it in the car and on the
stereo. You are indeed a master of your craft!

Clint Bradley

Mark edmondson

March 31, 2014

Enjoyed your show at the REA breakfast

Doug Morrione

March 1, 2014

Waxing philosophical here but just wanted to say that your contribution to the human race is admirable. You created a lot of really excellent original material that helps people understand (while being entertained) the world they found themselves living in. No small feat. I'm not deep into the whiskey here, FYI, was just feeling appreciative. :-)

Well, no need to say anything - we'll say it with the film. You're a unique and powerful artist - take heart.

Dennis McMahan

February 27, 2014

What a great talent. Love the poetry and songs.
(No relation that I know of BTW…but you never know who's been hidin' in the woodpile!)

Clint Bradley

January 22, 2014

I’m in England. I Read your great interview in ‘the Western Way’ and checked out some of your songs on the net, needless to say I’m now a fan.
Very best wishes
Clint Bradley

Larry Moran

January 8, 2014

Mr. McMahan
I saw your performances in Durango in October and enjoyed it so much that I ordered five of you CDs and your book. Thought I'd let you know how much I liked the CDs and book. In particular, I like that you wrote most of the songs and poems you perform. They are GREAT!


November 11, 2013

Came across your site while looking at Starlite Ramblers info...I have a lot of their yours also!


November 4, 2013

Great to find the website.
I rode Jigs the Welsh pony maybe 30 years ago as a joke.
Garys music is all good. C. G.

Marcia A. Lannan

October 22, 2013

Loved, loved loved, Durango. My first and not last, time

Chuck Pyle

October 17, 2013

Gary, was a great pleasure sharing the spotlight with you at the Durango gathering. You are an awesome credit to the genre. So I hope this finds you well and happy and able to sit up and take sustenance. See ya / Chuck

Joe Walus

November 23, 2012

Hi Gary,
I met you at Heber City a few years ago and again
this year at the WMA Showcase. As we talked at the WMA your Going My Way CD is one
of my all time favorites in my music collection. Ghost
Ranch, Chaps, Blue for You are great. My two favorites are
Big Enough and Waitin' for Spring. Still my all-time
Favorite of yours ,The Old Double Diamond. Skeeter's
darn good too.
I can't wait to see the documentary when it comes out.
I'm going to share that info with my fans in my newsletter.

Joe Walus

Kathy Sawyer

November 22, 2012


It was a treat to meet you at WMA. Enjoyed your yodeling and loved the laughter.

Leah and David are both inspired to work on their yodeling. Hope you will appreciate the progress you see next year. Any advise is greatly appreciated!

Sure looking forward to having our paths cross again.

Kathy Sawyer

Carol Heiden

October 6, 2012

Hi Gary!

Thanks for the wonderful job you did Saturday evening! The crowd -- as you could tell - loved you and really got into it all. Thank You for putting on such a fun and entertaining show! It was a great evening. I have gotten over 20 phone calls, emails -- even flowers! - from folks saying how much they enjoyed the night and that this one was our BEST event yet! And much of this is coming from hard core supporters who have been at most/all - the past 14 or 15 years - of them! I am basking in the Glory and I want you to be able to bask too!!


Carol Heiden

Executive Director
Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center

Linnea Zueck

July 3, 2012

have thought about you and hope you are safe from the fire. Sorry we were out of town when you were at Coleen Orr's. Need to order couple albums for a friend. Back to order page

Michele Turney

March 25, 2012

Hi Gary! Loved your performance at the Cowgirl Up reception Mar. 23rd! I was one of the Black Hat girls! Hope to see you again!

Jay Dusard

March 19, 2012

"The authenticity of this real-deal cowboy/teamster/musician/poet shines through magnificently in his live performances. Prepare yourselves to be regaled, derailed, rode hard and put up wet!"

Jau Dusard, photographer/author

Cheryl Stout

January 17, 2012

Wow!! I love the yodeling. Awesome!!

Bonnie Robinson

December 3, 2011

Whenever I ride my horse past the "Old Double Diamond Stables" at Lory State Park, I think of you & how you created that awesome place for Fort Collins cowboys & cowgirls to get out and enjoy a ride.

Jean Mathisen Haugen

November 25, 2011

I remember you well from when you performed at the Gatherings at Riverton, Wyoming. I remember the year you had your dog yodeling with you. Always loved "The Old Double Diamond and Beer Can Bob.

Carla Foth

September 1, 2011

Just saw your performance at the Farm Fest. You did a Great job! It was the first time I have seen you. My family enjoyed....Thank you!

Jan Botkin Therkildsen

September 1, 2011

Testifying! The Farm Concert was a great concert and you were totally on! Of course, when are you not! Great show!


July 13, 2011

I love your page it is so cool. Your music is very good. Looking forward to getting to know more about you and your music!! God Bless the Cowboys!!!!

Kathy Davidoff

July 8, 2011

Hey Gary
Hello from Sonoita.
Rod Algien...saddle maker extraodinaire, all around good old boy and modern day rounder was one of your biggest fans and he passed on in May. Rod built saddles for me when I had my shop in Steamboat Springs.
He loved your music (as well as the Starlight Ramblers) and thought of you as a good old boy, just a fellow cowboy. I listened to drunken versions of your poetry more than once, always with a smile on my face.

Well...I've been thinking about Rod lately, playing some of your music and what I wanted to share with you is that you touched someone's life and that's about as sweet as it gets.

See ya somewhere down the trail!

Jed May

June 17, 2011

Gary has some great music with a shot of humor that you can't help but like! I have been in the Navy for 13 years now and have always taken Gary, Chris & Ian music with me across the world & out to sea to keep a sense of home within the heart, Thank You Gary. Chief Petty Officer May,USN..

Rex Rideout

May 23, 2011

Rex Rideout12:30pm May 23rd
I talked to my father yesterday. He told me he got your CD and liked what you wrote in it. He thinks you are at the peak of the yodelers. He says he's played your CD non stop for two days and will keep it in his truck until the day he dies. Well pard, if that isn't high praise, I don't know what is.

Lucinda Schneider

April 2, 2011

Too funny! I love the things people say! You can write me a song, Birthday is common in on the 13th of this Month....LOL.....

Slim McNaught

March 23, 2011

You purely have some great stuff, but I'm still chucklin' over "Chaps". Keep 'er up, we need ya out there. Slim.

Michael Valdibieso

March 11, 2011

When I married in 1988, a friend from Colorado who was out here in California managing a ranch gave me your cassette after the ceremony as we were leaving for our honeymoon. He said "Here, you need to listen to this". I still have the cassette. It outlasted the marriage...harharhar. Your cassette is better.

Steve Weinheimer

December 31, 2010

Agree with Barry Corbin, Ol' Double Diamond Best cowboy song ever

Trudy Munsick

November 27, 2010

When are you coming to northern Wyoming? Haven't seen you since you played in Cody when my husband played a little fiddle with you about 22 yrs ago.Still can't get Dena rose out of my mind!

Robert Harris

August 27, 2010

I have listened to more than a thousand different western music songs over the past couple of years. I agree with others that your The Old Double Diamond features some of the best lyrics of any song ever written in the western music genre. I like your fresh, sardonic, imaginative and at times downright crazy song writing. You are one of a kind which is what makes you a very special talent in the music biz.

Here is wishing you continued success and loads of fun (the latter being one heck of a lot more important when its all said and done).


Mike Franklin

July 31, 2010

Fun show last night in Winston, Oregon . It was a blast!

Joyce McClay

June 29, 2010

Joyce McClay
The album Colorado Blue is my first introduction to Gary McMahan and I'm now a fan for life. His voice has a wonderful range from canyon deep to mountain yodeling and what a cowboy story teller! Human, humorous, poignant portraits that I suspect are more than half true. This is western music at its very, very best. You will love it.

Patty Wands

May 22, 2010

Hey Gary! They are still talkin' about you in Southern Arizona - I reckon that's a good thing!? You blew us away with 2 weekends of high energy McMahan entertainment! You are terrific and we hope you'll come back to this border country soon! Muchas gracias mi amigo!

Wild Ride Rodeo

March 8, 2010

Thanks Gary. Your songs are awesome. It's been a while since I've heard yodeling like yours.

Jan Therkildsen

February 26, 2010

Gary, Your new CD is so relaxing and enjoyable to listen to while commuting home in the snow. "Goodbye" is absolutely on the mark for how I feel about my best friend Susie who died in October -- I'm going to share it with her Wyoming family who will all agree with me. Pretty awesome stuff for a "Robin Williams" type guy! Congrats on the great reviews you've been receiving on your new CD. I had a great time when you were in Arvada recently at America's Soul Live! Hoping for the opportunity to see you perform again soon! Jan

Clair Orr

February 15, 2010

Those of us that have known you back when your audience was the hay crew inside the bunkhouse and the bulls and the horses outside the bunkhouse always knew you had a special gift. It’s nice to see that you are appreciated wherever the western spirit still lives.

Clint Rich

February 10, 2010

What a great performance I loved it Thanks Gary

Waynetta Ausmus

February 1, 2010

Great website, Gary! Cutie Pie sure is! Sure like your music...

Ralph Hampton

January 25, 2010

Goin My Way is without doubt, one of the BEST Cowboy albums ever!

Bill Patterson

January 21, 2010


Thanks for letting me take a few photos of you last Tuesday at America's Soul Live at the Old Town Pickin' Parlor. I enjoy and marvel at your quick wit, dry sense of humor and keen observation of the human condition. Thanks too for performing "Beer Can Bob". That song conjures up vivid images in my mind's eye. I chuckle for days after I watch and hear you present it. Thanks!

Hope to see you again soon.

Bill Patterson

phoenix rising

January 14, 2010

Fantastic websites,!i love classical music,country music.and poetry is my soul food.
Thanks for giving me an opportunity to visit your's wonderful!

Wendy Clark

January 13, 2010

Gary IS the most talented cowboy I know, and I know a lot of cowboys since my family own the Pawnee Ranch. He is also one of the nicest people God created.

Sally Jardine

January 4, 2010

I am very lax in getting back toyou after your wonderful visit to Dubois in august. I think I am still within the year acceptional Emily Post response and Thank you period, but who listens to her anymore. A BIG thank you for your great performance. People are still comenting and to the god about your night with us in August. Also a grand thank you for the written words to your fmaous poems. Krizinne loved her book and the whole night was such a grand success. You are a great guy and much appreciated. I have a newspaper to send off to you with you handsome face taking up 1/2 of the page. I imagine you would think it was scarry but we are all proud of it and you. Thank you again and please prosper and enjoy 2010. Greatfully, Sally Jardine

Louise Mis

December 23, 2009

Hey Gary!
just wanted to say thanks again and let you know that I LOVE the new CD!
I have been playing it in the barn all week. The ponies are starting to sway to Uncle Fred. LOL
Thanks again. It is delightful!

John Bret Simmons

December 21, 2009

I listened to all of your songs. I really like what I hear. Wish I had heard this great stuff earlier.

Slim McNaught

December 18, 2009

Sure like your "Chaps" poem. South Dakota is ranch and rodeo country and the only people around here who call leggins 'sore lips' are the ones who don't know which end of a horse gets up first. You have some great stuff. Just listened on Ralphs. Travel safe, take care.

Patty Clayton

December 15, 2009

yeeeeehawwww! the new CD is shore 'nuff a good 'un!! thanks so much for taking me along on the ride!

Rev. Lon M. Burns

December 11, 2009

Gary –

Your new CD arrived not too long ago and now I have a problem: “Yodel Poem” just finished playing and I can’t find my socks – your song clear knocked them suckers off!! And now my toes are tappin’ to “Okeechobee Joe” – damn, I’ve lost control of my feet completely!!!
Rev. Lon M. Burns, D.D., M.S.W.
"America's Favorite Jewish Cowboy Minister"

Steve and Terri Taylor

December 11, 2009

We LOVE the new CD. We listened to it all the way home from Albuquerque. We don't take trips unless we have our collection of Gary McMahan CDs in the van. Keep 'em coming!! We found the old cassettes from the old are living proof that some things DO get better with age!!

Ardy Edwards

December 10, 2009

Hey, Gary! Pete (Kunz) just forwarded your email to him and it surely was good to see you and hear you yodel. Happy holiday time and very best to you and Candice and Will.
(The backdrop fireplace and antlers looked a little familiar!)
Love, Ardy

Linda and Lachlan Clarke

December 10, 2009

Hi Gary!
Great to hear from you - we love the new CD, thank you! We are busy training the dogs for Iditarod 2010 in March and will be leaving for Montana the first week in January, then on to Alaska the middle of February. Lachlan will definately be entertained by your music on his IPOD during his 1100 mile journey across Alaska during the race! Check out our website:
Have a Merry Christmas Gary and thank you, thank you for being a part of our Cowboy/Cowgirl Camp!


Mike Hurwitz

December 3, 2009

Hey scary Gary,
Got the c.d. today , thanks. I listened twice all the way through, every song, something I never do- very cool. You have a real fine record on your hands my friend, glad to be a part of it! I'm sure it will get lots of airplay & great reviews, don't forget to get one to Rick Huff. You and Butch did a good job of mixing. I think "yodel song" is going to get folks talkin', nice interplay with Johns' guitar. Gordon plays beautiful on "Waiting for Spring" and others. The mastering sounds excellent. Your voice is mixed right out front where it should be, and your singin' is just great! Ernie and Tommy sound great also-so many interesting and cool things happening- the sax on "Okie Joe" sounds swampy as can be. Patty's vocals are just right throughout, I dig what she does on "Blue for You", gives it a nice jazzy feel. It's a real gem of a record all around Gary. Have fun at Heber, Mike

Stephen Monroe

November 25, 2009

Dear Gary,

Congratulations on your new album! Every cut on it is a keeper. The harmony on the parts is esquisite - thanks Patty. Of course Okeechobee Joe is perfect... the new instramentals (sax) are great. I can't wait until Randy Barthle hears The Horse Trade; he may recognize the blue roan horse. I could go on an on about every song but i'll just sum it up by saying that this is a superb collection of great cowboy (and cowgirl Patty and Erin) music.

By the way the CD gets a little hot after 4 hours of non-stop play but it might be because of the "ranch residue" in my truck dash.

Joe Walus

November 12, 2009

I'm one of the cowboy's from Wyoming you talked to
at Heber City last week. I've been listening to your
new CD "Goin My Way ?" Man what great stuff.
I don't know if I can pick one as the best cut from
that CD.
I do like "Big Enough" probably a little better than
the rest. I great story and you perform it great. I'm
glad I got to see you do it live also.
Lots of variety on this CD. Your delivery is a pure
delight. This is one of my favorite CD's I ever purchased.
I can sure relate to a couple of these songs. Ghost Ranch,
Man I know a place just as this.
"Goodbye" cut me like a knife. I have a friend who fits
this to a T.I want him to hear it, but it's darn hard to
listen all the way through. I don't know how you got through
the recording of that piece. See You Down The Trail
Joe Walus

Lou Siegel

November 10, 2009

Pretty fancy english semi-throughbred you're piloting on you new CD cover. The music on it is fun, too!

Rex & Laurett Winterton

November 9, 2009

Gary, We just recently attended the Cowboy Poetry event in Heber City, Utah. We haven't laughed that hard for a long time. Your wit and humor is second to none. Keep up the good work pardner.
Best regards,

Rex & Laurett Winterton
Pine Valley, Utah (St.George area)

Jon Chandler

November 9, 2009

Hey, Gary...Great to spend some time with you in Utah. Love the new recording.

David Grover

November 8, 2009

Enjoyed you in Heber Thursday night, hope to see ya again next year.

mike mcguffey

November 3, 2009

cain't wait to get my hands on the new one.bout wore the old one out.hang in there


November 3, 2009

Congrats on the new album.....mmmm, I can almost hear it now. Loved you from the start.

Gary Akin

November 3, 2009

I'll never forget the stories of your high school Senior class trip back East in '66 and how you BS'd a businessman on the train trip from NY city to DC about living in CO and the west, fighting off Indians and such.
Always wondered why you never wrote a song or poem about that.
Classmate '66 - Gary


November 2, 2009

Hey Gary - - you do GHS proud! What fun to see how you've aged better than Jack Daniels - and you can sing too! Congratulations.

The Clerk......

November 2, 2009

The web page is the greatest and staff absolutely loves your misic - and no, your tax's aren't going down.....

Linda Hanson

November 2, 2009

not sure how I got on your email list, but glad I did

Juni Fisher

October 31, 2009

Looks good, Gary! Thanks for the nice mention on the first page.


October 31, 2009

New web site looks absolutely great. I'm anxious to hear the new album, too. Ride on, Gary!