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Gary McMahan: Music

About the Making of "Goin' My Way?"

I’ve always considered myself a fairly open-minded cuss. As a result, I like both types of music—country and western. And this album reflects that, both in style and choice of material.


I spent years writing, collecting, and performing this material before I set it down here. I love each and every one of these pieces for all kinds of reasons.


The pieces I co-wrote on this album were true collaborations among friends. And so were the recording sessions. I want to thank these friends for helping me get this thing corralled and out the gate: Butch Hause, Randy Miotke, Ernie Martinez, John Moore (, Gordon Burt, Patty Clayton (, Erin Harms, Jim Deeming (, Ray Wasinger, Michael Hurwitz (, Jay and Bjorn Peterson, Tom Broderick, Bob Frank (, Sunny Hancock, Gene Randels, Dick Spencer, Katie Butler, Candace McMahan, David Glasser, Chris Camp, Archie Thompson (, and Brian Cantrell.


Album cover designed by Katie Butler (all-around top hand). Cover photo by Candace McMahan; interior photo by Karen Hewlitt.