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Gary McMahan: Happenin's

Cowboy Way Magazine's Review of Goin' My Way? - February 5, 2010

Jon Chandler's Review of Goin' My Way? - - January 11, 2010

Daydreaming agricultural types throughout rural America don’t imagine themselves performing on American Idol (a little frilly around the edges for those boys), or see Bruce Springsteen staring back in the mirror (it's hard to sing Born to Run when you really were born to run). No, more that likely, those folks we all term "cowboys" have fantasies about standing before the adoring crowd and regaling them with songs built of dust and sweat sprinkled with humor, pathos, campfire talk and deep meaning...just like Gary McMahan. Gary's Goin' My Way? is his latest gift to cowboy music lovers, and his first studio creation in nearly a couple decades. Gary's not just you run of the mill homespun philosopher. He's more of a cross between Festus Hagen and Mark Twain, if ol' Sam Clemens could yodel, that is. He could have just hung up his spurs after conjuring up the best western song ever written, The Ol' Double Diamond, but thankfully cruising through life's not in his nature. Goin' My Way? selections are each mini-westerns crafted to elicit joy, or laughter, or tears, or contemplation. Big Enough & the Cheyenne Mare, co-written with Gene Randels, is a monster western ballad, a minor-key mood piece that brings the Colorado/Nebraska frontier to life. One of the most moving recitations in recent memory, Goodbye is a lump-in-the-throat tribute to the empty saddles in Gary's life, written for his late dad as well as his fast and true pards. Looking out the window at a foot of snow makes Waitin' for Spring even more poignant, and the concert favorite Okeechobee Joe is just as good on digital media. You even get to hang with Gary during his wild and rowdy Nashville days with his blast from the past Leave My Jack Daniels Alone. Speaking of Jack, a couple fingers sipped slow and easy while Goin' My Way? slides outta the stereo speakers is a heck of an idea.

~ Jon Chandler

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Rick Huff's "Best of the West" Review of Goin' My Way - - November 2, 2009

Few people can rightly be called true pillars on whose foundations were constructed both the rise to prominence of Cowboy Poetry and the resurgence of Western Music, Gary McMahan, however, is such a pillar! 

No one familiar with the above genres would fail to catch the impact of the statement "Gary McMahan has issued a new studio album!"  It's his first since 1992.  Few Western songwriters' works have been covered by other artists more often, or more reverently, than those of McMahan. Creations such as "The Ol' Double Diamond," "Dena Rose," "Ol' Cowpoke" "That's How The Yodel Was Born" and (from this CD) "Big Enough and The Cheyenne Mare" are the stuff of Cowboy Music legend. But make no mistake...more will come from this new album.

"Uncle Fred" (written with cowboy & singer Jeff Nourse about his uncle) is filled with New Mexico cowboyin' truth, the Elvira-like "Okeechobee Joe" honors the gritty Florida cowhunters and stretches Gary's Bob Frank or Dallas Frazer muscles. There's novel yodelin' and a rowdy "hidden" 35-year-old track from his Nashville days. Poetically, the hilarious "Chaps" gives Ralph Lauren a pronunciation lesson, "Goodbye" pays sweet tribute to Gary's dad, to Sunny Hancock and other inspirations of his who have passed on. Eleven tracks total. 

Goin' My Way? bears the stamp of Gary McMahan all the way. In other words, fun, thoughtful, distinctive and true. 

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New - Now follow Gary on Facebook! - November 1, 2009

New Album! - November 1, 2009

Goin’ My Way?

Release Date - November 1, 2009AlbumCover_resized.jpg

This is my first studio album since 1992, and I’m about half proud of it. It’s packin’ seven new songs, a yodeling meltdown, and three poems. This is original, true storytelling about the new and the old West. It’ll take you from 500 years of cowhuntin’ in the Florida swamps to a cowboy’s take on Ralph Lauren. It’s a little unpredictable, and it might surprise you now and again. You may laugh out loud and shed some tears before it’s over. I hand-picked some great friends/musicians to play with me on it, and they all added their own bit of magic. It’s got all the fun, feelings, real stories, music, lyrics, licks, yodelin’, and harmonizin’ we could tamp into it. Plus, just for fun, I included a Bob Frank song I cut 35 years ago in Nashville to give you a musical snapshot of me way back when.

November 1, 2009

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