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Gary McMahan: Photos

Gary fixin' to work a good team.
The road to Elko. 200 miles of this!
Dave and Gary In Concert together. It was a great night!

For more pictures of Gary and his wacky little cowboy world click HERE!

A Little Bit of Me

Me and Tracy... good horse!
Gary and his geetar
Gary driving the real Pete and Pat
Gary and his doggin' horse Shorty. He's great with cattle but hell on the mailman!
My Ol' Sweetie
Gary singing at the Western Music Association festival this fall.
Songin' on the Bell Ranch Solano New Mexico
Gary and one of his California girlfriends.
Reinin' on the Mariah Ranch Santa Fe with Gabe and Lorenzo.
Gary sneakin' a little smooch from his California girlfriend.
Gary onstage at the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada
Me ridin' down in Florida on a good horse.
Merry Christmas from Gary!

William Matthews Paintings

This was taken of two police horses nosing out in front of Willy Matthews' mural of me alongside his studio in Lodo in Denver.
Willy Matthews painting of me titled "A Fine Old Martin:. The original hangs just inside the entrance to the Martin Guitar factory in Nazareth PA. I'm playing a slot head double O.
This is a painting William C. Matthews did of me for my book "Gary McMahan in Poetry and Song". The original hangs in my studio.
Willy Matthews mural of me alongside his studio in Lodo in Downtown Denver
This is the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering poster by William C. Matthews that he painted up at our place. I am both the guitar player with his pants on fire and the fiddler.


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