Here's What the Big Boys Have to Say”
Gary McMahan's "The Ol' Double Diamond" was named as one of today's thirteen best songs by Western Horseman Magazine, along with selections by Ian Tyson, Dave Stamey, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Tom Russell, Mike Beck, and a few others.   Download Bill Reynolds' full "Trail Mix" list by clicking HERE!   ” - Bill Reynolds

Western Horseman

I speak at agricultural banquets for a livin'. Gary is one of the few cowboy types I'm comfortable recommending when they're tired of me. His singin' and yodeling are good, but he doesn't let them get in the way of his entertainin'. Top of the line, that boy.”

Baxter Black

Back in the early seventies, I'd make periodic forays to Nashville in the hope of getting something going in the recording business. Gary had a wooden shack just off of Music Circle. I'd head over there and we'd spit tobacco and conjecture a world in which real cowboy songs were highly prized. It was then that Gary played his classic 'Old Double Diamond' for me. The sagebrush wind blew right through that song and still does...Ride on, Gary.”

Ian Tyson

Back in the early days of my music career, I relied heavily on Gary McMahan to provide me with some great songs. And I know those recordings would have suffered without his influence. Even today I have fans tell me some of their favorite songs are Gary's. (They think I wrote them, so I mention to them, 'That is a Gary McMahan song.') If you need a comparison (which seems to be the thing to do these days), I would say Gary is our cowboy Bob Dylan. He is a unique talent and my friend.”

Chris LeDoux

Gary McMahan is one of the most talented and creative people I know. He has a great ear and gift for language. A wonderful sense of melody, a great sense of humor, and a deep belief and conviction and love of the West and its people. He's the embodiment of The Cowboy Way."  ” - Ranger Doug

Riders in the Sky

Gary McMahan is the king of the cowboy singers!”

— Ramblin' Jack Elliott

Gary McMahan taught me everything I know. I'm not blowing smoke.”

Dave Stamey

Gary McMahan wrote The Ol' Double Diamond, and it is the best cowboy song I've ever heard. Not just currently. In my opinion it is the best cowboy song of all time.” - Barry Corbin


Gary is Americana. The Mark Twain of the West.” - Blues singer Tracy Nelson
(Wylie is referring to Gary's new album "Goin' My Way?") "Great CD! Love Okeechobee Joe, Uncle Fred, Goodbye, Waitin' for Spring.. All great! You are a true original. How refreshing your cowboy music and words were to my jaded ears. Good Job!”

Wylie Gustafson