1. Chaps (2:02)

From the recording Chaps (2:02)

I use to entertain with an ol’ boy some of you might know by the name of Dick Spencer. Dick was “Mr. Western Horseman,” the publisher of Western Horseman magazine for forty years. Lots of times we’d be at an association show of some kind; Dick would be the speaker, and I would be the entertainer. We’d find ourselves in a big room of people and know only each other. So we’d sit over in a corner and just talk. That’s how I got to know Dick and his wife, Viv. After he died, they held a cowboy poetry gathering in Dick’s honor in Colorado Springs, and I was the featured entertainer. So Viv asked me to come down and stay at their house during the gathering. That’s when I met their daughter Candace, who later became my wife! When they were cleaning out Dick’s office, the girls found a letter Dick had written to Ralph Lauren and showed it to me. I know the topic in the letter always burned Dick’s toast. So I took Dick’s letter and turned it into a cowboy poem. I don’t think Dick ever heard back from Mr. Lauren…
Gary McMahan: vocal. Ernie Martinez: Dobro.