From the recording Okeechobee Joe (4:33)

I was down in Florida entertaining the Florida Cattlemen’s Association. The president of the association that year was a fella by the name of Joe Pierce, a fifth-generation Florida cowhunter. (They like to call themselves cowhunters instead of cowboys down there.) Joe and I took a likin’ to each other, and he invited me to spend some time with him and his wife, Kathy, at their ranch near Okeechobee. I had a great time and gained a whole new respect for those Florida boys. They not only have to have the skills of Western cowboys, they have to deal with the country down in Florida to boot. And that country can get about as wild as anything this ol’ Colorado kid has ever seen. Not only that, Florida has a heck of a lot longer history in the cattle business and, consequently, a lot more tales. I tried to capture a few of the images and sensations of that country with additional inspiration from some of Bob Frank’s old Southern swamp songs.
Gary McMahan: lead vocal and rhythm guitar. Patty Clayton: background vocals. Brian Cantrell: drums. Archie Thompson: bass, baritone saxophone, alto saxophone. Ernie Martinez: pedal steel and Dobro. Mike Hurwitz: telecaster guitar.