From the recording The Horse Trade (6 :40)

Sunny Hancock has always been one of my favorite cowboy poets. Even better, Sunny and I were friends, and his wife, Alice, and I are still friends. Sunny was an old-time cowboy and bronc rider. He rode saddlebroncs back in the 40s and 50s in the old Turtle Association. Sonny knew his buckin’ horses, and Sunny knew how to write, a rare combination. This is one of my favorite poems of his. Anyone who’s ever been screwed in a horsetrade and/or bucked off ten miles from the house can probably relate to this. The hard part about including the poem on this album is that the thing is over six minutes long. So to make it listenable over and over, I figured I had to set it to music, which I did. Then my ol’ buddy John Moore blew into town and laid some guitar licks on it. The result is some of my favorite lyrics and licks on the album. I hope you enjoy them at least half as much as I did putting them together.
Gary McMahan: lead vocal and rhythm guitar. John Moore: lead guitar. Ray Wasinger: drums. Butch Hause: bass and rhythm guitar.