From the recording Uncle Fred (4:20)

“Uncle Fred” was written by a New Mexico cowboy by the name of Jeff Nourse and me. Jeff’s a pretty savvy hand, and we’ve shared countless campfires, talkin’ and songin’ together. I asked Jeff one time how he came to be a cowboy, and he told me he got started by hanging around with his Uncle Fred, who was an old-time New Mexico cowhand. When he started tellin’ me stories about his Uncle Fred, I spoke up and said I thought it’d make a good song. So one day on Jeff’s ranch right outside Las Vegas, New Mexico, we just up and wrote it.
Gary McMahan: lead vocal and rhythm guitar. Patty Clayton: background vocals. Ray Wasinger: drums. Butch Hause: bass. Gordon Burt: fiddle. Ernie Martinez: pedal steel and mandolin. Mike Hurwitz: telecaster guitar.